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Mike Cummings, the award-winning tattoo artist in Alpharetta, GA was recently written up in Prick Magazine highlighting his ability to create a tattoo of nearly any style by working closely with his clients and listening to their ideas, translating them into a work of art that looks great on their skin.

When asked why he doesn’t have a specialty, Mike explained, “It’s always been my belief that a good tattoo artist ought to be able to tattoo anything the client wants.” The idea might sound simple, but it’s a reflection of his customer-focus. While personally tattoo artists may have very distinct artistic styles, tattooing should be about how the artist can turn a client’s vision into a personalized tattoo. In some studios, artists have a tendency to want to do their art their way—the artists at Inksomnia will never project their ideas onto your skin, unless you ask them to.

Mike Cummings has always been an artist, beginning with pencil and charcoal sketches as early as elementary school. He continues to pursue art through his favorite medium, the human body. Take a look at his portfolio. Mike’s been slinging ink since 1996 and continues to hone his skills in all tattoo styles. The most challenging skill to perfect is as a portrait tattoo artist. Not only did Mike meet this challenge, but he has earned the reputation as one of Atlanta’s best portrait tattoo artists. Before opening Inksomnia Tattoo Studio in Alpharetta, GA, Mike worked at several different Atlanta area tattoo parlors gaining experience. He quickly built a name for himself as a very talented artist. With a faithful clientele from all over Atlanta (even drawing clientele internationally), and with his own ideas of how a tattoo studio should be run, Mike opened Inksomnia Tattoo Studio in 2006.