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Inksomnia Artists

Mike Cummings

Award-winning tattoo artist in Alpharetta, GA was recently written up in Prick Magazine highlighting his ability to create a tattoo of nearly any style.

Jason King

He’s been with Inksomnia Tattoo since 2007 as the shop manager and professional body piercing specialist.

Tory Shrock

I enjoy creating custom tailored designs for my client’s needs. They tell me their vision and I make it happen on skin.

Ena Hennessee

Ena joined Inksomnia in 2018. She is a seasoned, talented tattoo artist who is very in demand.

Marissa Young

Marissa is a professional body piercer and has been since 2017. She Specializes in ear piercings and offers ear curations featuring 14k gold and titanium jewelry.

Hunter Wright

Hunter is a former art teacher and went on to accomplish his dream of becoming a tattooer. He has been a member of Inksomnia Tattoo

Lee Shimp

10+ years of tattooing experience, he enjoys large and small-scale detailed black and grey pieces, and the occasional color tattoo.