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Body Piercing by Jason

Tuesday12pm to 8pm
Wednesday12pm to 8pm
Thursday12pm to 8pm
Friday12pm to 11pm
Saturday12pm to 11pm

Jason is the friendly face greeting you when you come through the door at Inksomnia.

He’s been with Inksomnia Tattoo since 2007 as the shop manager and professional body piercing specialist. A professional piercer since 2002, Jason knows how to provide creative piercing for all of his clients. Like a tattoo, a piercing allows his clients to express their personality. Unlike a tattoo, jewelry can be changed out to suit your changes in mood or style. Jason specializes in all types of body piercing from traditional to exotic.

Here’s some of the piercings that Jason does:

Ear piercings:
Lobes, tragus, conch, any folds in the ear
Skin piercings:
Eyebrow, nose, labret, lip, neck, bellybutton
Exotic piercings

Dermal anchors: These can be placed just about anywhere. Popular locations are:
Back of the neck, behind the ear, cleavage, finger, back

Basically, Jason has pierced it all.

Jason apprenticed under Brian Bennett, a renowned Atlanta piercer, and closely follows Association of Professional Piercers standards. He uses only fully-sterilized hollow hypodermic needles to do each body piercing. The process is not only quick, it’s clean, safe, and causes little trauma to the flesh. For a cartilage piercing, Jason will use a (disposable) hollow needle to effectively and quickly pierce, leaving the cartilage intact and the ear much less likely to become infected. At Inksomnia Tattoo, Jason uses only implant grade surgical steel. He sterilizes all his equipment in an autoclave ensuring that only sterile instruments come in contact with the skin.

Jason combines a calm, patient demeanor and years of professional experience to put his clients at ease as they set out to express themselves. Jason brings his professionalism and patience to each of his clients’ piercings.