Art Tattoo Designs by Jeff

A tattoo artist since 1995, Jeff has the talent to transform your pictures or tattoo ideas into an exciting work of art tattoo on your skin. Jeff first learned his craft as the only apprentice to ever learn under the renowned tattoo artist, Deano Cook.Jeff gives special attention to detail which translates well into all types of tattoos! A diverse artist, his unique strengths are crests and small, intricately detailed tattoos.For many tattoo artists, small detailed tattoos can be especially challenging because skin may stretch over time, blurring the original image, but Jeff’s extensive experience allows him to predict how the skin will change and he will create a tattoo with small detail that will remain sharp.

Tattooing is only one artistic outlet for Jeff’s talents. His personal artistic style is neo-traditional—mixing traditional images with modern techniques and colors. When his clients give him creative control he can create an unexpected, yet visually appealing contrast of the traditional and the modern that pops off the skin.

As with all Inksomnia Tattoo artists, Jeff is not limited to one style of tattoo. Unlike many artists who specialize in only one type of tattoo, Jeff continues to hone and expand his artistic abilities and uses his attention to detail to create designs customers love for years after they have left with their new art tattoo.

When his clients get inked, they experience a quiet artist who is passionate about tattoos of all shapes, styles, designs and sizes.

The consultation process is what really sets Jeff apart from the typical tattoo artist. He takes the time to discuss with his clients what they like, their personal style, where they’d like the tattoo and what will work for them.

He will sketch a design based on their conversation and continue to tweak it until he, as an artist, and the client, as the living canvas, are entirely happy and excited. He is not afraid to tell anyone with reservations to wait, because he appreciates that it’s permanent.

Like all the artists at Inksomnia Tattoo Studio, he cares about the individual and wants to make sure they are certain before they commit to a lifetime piece of art. At Inksomnia Tattoo, it’s okay to take your time.

Far from being solely a creator of art tattoos, his Victorian surrealism art pieces were recently showcased in a book. He continues to be interested in sculpting, which was his first artistic expression, and he continues to sketch, paint and pursue photography.

Through it all, tattooing has become his passion—helping others realize their dreams of having a unique piece of art on their body.